Baddies Only – I Need YouBaddies Only

Baddies Only – I Need You

For the Steve Angello fans in the audience you might recognize this sample from one of his throwback Mescal Kid sets — Steve’s tech-y alter ego. That’s because it was a party Steve was spinning 9 years ago that inspired Baddies Only to revive the sample in 2020. The sample got so stuck in his brain that after all these years the multi-instrumentalist and songwriter finally decided he had to use it in his own work. Only his third release independently as Baddies Only, the aptly titled ‘I Need You,’ shares little else similar with the Mescal Kid ID. Rather than a tinny tech backbone, Baddies builds his version up on a bed of well-polished builds, squeaky clean vocal processing and a swinging bass line that leaves this rendition feeling funky and fun from start to finish.