Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer team up for trance demolition on ‘Black & Blue’ [Stream]Ilan Bluestone Andrew Bayer Creamfields Pc Ash Youd

Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer team up for trance demolition on ‘Black & Blue’ [Stream]

Two of Anjunabeats‘ staples Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Bayer have collided once again for their sophomore collaborative effort, “Black & Blue.” Having turned in their second tag-team since the 2017 “Destiny“, the pair reunite for a synergetic display of progressive trance that has continued to capture the hearts of fans worldwide.

Opening with heavy-hitting beats and massive synths, the track builds electrifying intensity before dispersing into a cinematic scape. Juggling club instincts with grandiose festival energy, the duo waste no time in constructing an awe-inspiring melody to take the stage before leaping off into a gritty outro. Characteristically dosed with industrial elements, behemoth “tronce” sounds, and an atmospheric touch, “Black & Blue”—much like its predecessor—finds the two producers’ abilities in innate harmony with one another. Now the question begs, when will the Bayerstone project come to fruition?

“Every time Bayer and I played ‘Destiny’ live during one of our BayerStone B2B sets, we always commented to each other that we absolutely HAD to write a follow-up. Our idea this time was to create something a little less melodic, and a bit more gritty and grimy,” stated Bluestone.

Bayer is a king for writing a filthy bassline, so I sent him a breakdown melody which I already had written, and he loved it. I sent him the stems and we began working through FaceTime. Initially, we had various ideas for the groove before settling for the one we used in the track. The whole track was quick to create over a couple of days. I tested out the new track at a few shows before unveiling it at ASOT950, and I’m really happy with the end result. Hope you guys like it too!

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