Kaskade and Blue Noir dispatch dulcet sound on new single, ‘I Have Dreams’ [Stream]Kaskade Live Credit Rukes

Kaskade and Blue Noir dispatch dulcet sound on new single, ‘I Have Dreams’ [Stream]

No matter how recent the producer’s previous release, the world could always use a little more Kaskade material. The multifaceted musical personality anticipates this need and places his mellifluous touch on a record alongside Blue Noir’s to meet it. Cue “I Have Dreams,” the Tishmal-assisted successor to the latest installment in Kaskade’s REDUX EP series, REDUX 004.

After REDUX 004 made its vigorous arrival on April 4, Kaskade’s following naturally might not have expected the producer to return to the electronic release ring with new material in hand quite so soon. Surprise.

The song “I Have Dreams” was initially meant to be saved for a later studio album, but as this stay at home/quarantine moment is unfolding, I’ve just seen one consistent thing: music is a true healer. Everyone enjoys the distraction, and the connection.

It just dawned on me that I have one way to maybe help some of my audience smile and keep going, even if it’s only for the next 3 minutes. They have supported me with almost evangelical loyalty through the years, the least I can do is start just releasing as much music as possible right now so we can stay connected in that way.


Grounded in deep house territory, “I Have Dreams” transmits an entrancing allure through its pulsating downtempo technics. Porcelain vocals sit in airy suspension atop low-toned bass and synth work.

In true Kaskade fashion, the single beckons listeners, draws them closer, and immerses them in an engrossing sonic world that stands apart from the day-to-day. These momentary departures made through music have always been one of Kaskade’s strong suits, and can be expected to continue as the producer pledges to keep his following’s playlists stocked in the immediate future.

Photo credit: Rukes

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