Kaytranada and Masego score a club battle in ‘Need It’ videoKaytranada Need It Vevo 2

Kaytranada and Masego score a club battle in ‘Need It’ video

Kaytranada is back with another video supporting his sensational 2019 LP, BUBBA. Featuring Masego, “Need It” is a funky dance floor anthem, and the video reflects the track’s mood while subverting it. The storyline centers on a hyper-aggressive dance battle as two crews go at it while Masego and Kaytra keep the club rocking.

“Need It” is BUBBA‘s third track to receive the full music video treatment, and it’s apparent Kaytra is committing to a largely monochromatic theme for his latest batch of videos. Most definitively similar is “Puff Lah,” which sees Kaytranada in a green-hued parking lot. “10%” alternates between cool-colored backstage scenes and warm-colored dance floor cuts; less monochromatic than its compatriots, but the focus on color is apparent. “Need It” is directed by Andre Bato.

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