Malaa proposes toast to 4/20, ‘Four Twenty’Malaa

Malaa proposes toast to 4/20, ‘Four Twenty’

Ever-so-slightly removed from the annual celebration of all things cannabis, Malaa is still celebrating. EDM’s token ski-masked menace raises his green, leafy goblet as a toasty salute to marijuana and musical mayhem—by way of his new single, “Four Twenty.”

The track’s terse call to action, “C’mon, let’s get high,” gets to the crux of Malaa’s mission statement without trifling about. A funky bass arrangement paired alongside Malaa’s characteristic ad-libbing (ambient chatter and oscillating sirens) make way for a frenetic 4/20-themed sonic celebration.

Malaa’s 2020 track record is abundant as ever, despite sweeping pandemic setbacks. He’s so far proffered a tantalizing follow-up to his resounding hit “Bling Bling,” in addition to glitched-out offering, “OCB.”

Photo: Malaa/Facebook

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