ODESZA and Golden Features deliver first singles as BRONSON with “HEART ATTACK” & “VAULTS”BRONSON Press Image Art Credit Gian Galang

ODESZA and Golden Features deliver first singles as BRONSON with “HEART ATTACK” & “VAULTS”

ODESZA and Golden Features have officially saved quarantine. Well, they at least made it better when the two artists decided to light the internet ablaze this weekend with the announcement of their collaborative project, BRONSON, along with a full-length album in tow.

To introduce the sonic identity behind the new alias, BRONSON has released their debut singles: “HEART ATTACK” and “VAULTS.”

“HEART ATTACK” is playful, vocal-driven piece of smooth house that ODESZA sneakily debuted in the 12th edition of their NO.SLEEP Mix, however fans were quick to pin the ID as the first BRONSON release since the announcement of the project over the weekend. For the B-side, “VAULTS” holds a more brooding, industrial tone to it with ODESZA’s identifiable percussive patterns leading the charge as Golden Features’ notoriously distorted sound permeates through the lead melodies.

For their debut pieces, BRONSON effortlessly finds two points in the sonic universe that are independently gripping yet synthesize both projects’ unique strengths. The coupled release is not the first time the two projects’ sounds have found a happy medium as ODESZA & Golden Features collaborated on the VIP remix of “Memories That You Call” for the deluxe version of A Moment Apart. The Australian producer’s remixed “Falls” off of the same album from the Seattle duo.

However, the BRONSON project represents something outside of both artists’ original projects. This new collaborative venture has been brewing for three years after connecting through the admiration of one another’s music. After countless virtual studio sessions and session bounces, an album came together. BRONSON’s self-titled debut is set for release on July 17th via Foreign Family/Ninja Tune.

Featured image: Gian Galang

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