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PLS&TY explores new bounds on new ‘Very Special’ EP [Stream]

An artist’s discography is a living timeline of their musical evolution, with each release representing a new marker in their continuum. Thanks to streaming services and other online databases that contain so many full catalogs, listeners can start from the beginning; tracing every step of an artist’s journey. Some of those journeys are ascensions towards eclectic esotericism. Others are straight shots down the same road that lasts the length of a career. Neither is right or wrong, but the journey of PLS&TY is that of the former and his new EP, Very Special, solidifies his commitment to diversity and growth.

Getting his start at the esteemed Icon Collective, PLS&TY now uses the benefits of a traditional education in music to their fullest extent. On the Very Special EP, he moves beyond his more definable future-bass sound of the past, integrating live instrumentation and intricate rhythms as well as a series of celebrated vocalists. The results are a tetrad of emotional electronic compositions that are able to exist separately while serving the larger whole. In a press statement PLS&TY describes the new collection,

The inspiration for ‘Very Special’ was the natural progression of how relationships begin and end. Working with such talented artists helped bring my vision to life as they all put their own signature touches to the records embodied on the EP.”

The EP proves to be a highly collaborative effort, with each of the four new future-bass efforts hosting guest contributions from a range of supporting artists. Listen to the full Very Special EP below.

Photo credit: Gina Joy Chong

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