Premiere: Timo Maas – Die Schraube (Anja Schneider Remix)Anja Schneider Electric Island Credit Wes C

Premiere: Timo Maas – Die Schraube (Anja Schneider Remix)

Esteemed talent Timo Maas has made his way back into the Music is 4 Lovers fold with a tasty three-piece EP he’s dubbed Karma Clash. Among the EP’s equally legendary remixers, we’ve got the pleasure of premiering Anja Schneider’s take on the middle track, “Die Schraube.” She transforms the original, a sultry, acid-tinged composition, into a peaktime-ready rumble by heightened bass and added compression. Driving percussion beneath ties it altogether, serving as an equally pleasurable counterpart to the off-kilter synth bits from Timo that are left in. Her rendition has already received big support in the form of John Digweed, who gave the piece a spin during a recent Bunker Session.

Through lockdown, Anja’s been keeping busy curating new episodes of her Club Room podcast while working on new music in the studio. Timo Maas has been keeping a similar routine.

Featured Image: Wes C

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