REAPER brings the heat in latest Monstercat endeavorReaper Press

REAPER brings the heat in latest Monstercat endeavor

With his sonic sickle, REAPER continues to cut through the noise and harvest groundbreaking tunes from the fields of drum ‘n’ bass sewed in his studio. His latest creation on Monstercat, RENEGADE, shows off his continually honed sound. It’s an aggressive work, beginning with a fiery “HEATSEEKER,” which drills into the brain with gritty synths and roaring sound effects. These motifs continue on through the rest of the EP, making for a cohesive story.

Variety isn’t lost, however. In fact, according to REAPER, individuality is a key source of inspiration for the EP. This plays out in “HEADHUNTER,” which offers a more melodic, albeit similar flare before breaking down into staggered rhythms. “RAVEPUNK” serves up a healthy dose of electro, while “BARRICADE” closes things off by bringing a touch of light to RENEGADE through vocoded sound effects and a very subtle touch of robotic funk. By the end, the artist once again asserts his potential as a top bass talent among his generation. Expect to see more of him on Monstercat and other powerhouse labels as he continues his journey.

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