Recently fired Paradigm agent files bombshell lawsuit amid alleged coronavirus firing coverSam Gores Paradigm

Recently fired Paradigm agent files bombshell lawsuit amid alleged coronavirus firing cover

Debbee Klein, a recently fired Paradigm agent, has filed a lawsuit against the entertainment giant that alleges their CEO, Sam Gores, mismanaged the company’s finances, alleging Gores embezzled funds for personal gain.

The lawsuit, which can be read in full here, alleges that Gores kept his personal driver and chef on the payroll while citing the coronavirus pandemic as the reason behind the agency’s recent firings. A more salacious allegation claimed he used company expenses to pay for prostitutes. The complaint states Gores used the pandemic to institute a long-planned jobs cut that released 200 Paradigm employees to fend for themselves. Paradigm is the first major agency to layoff employees and reduce pay for those still at the company.

In another shocking claim, the lawsuit also claims that Gores (pictured above) informed business partners X-Ray Touring and Coda Agency, two major music agencies based in London, 48 hours before a planned merger with UTA. Gores partners vetoed the $250 million deal and the lawsuit says Gores lied to the public and employees, telling them he called off the merger.

Gores has also been accused in the lawsuit of “repugnant and outdated sexism and demeaning treatment of women,” that include listening to his “disgusting and lascivious comments about his sex life.” Also, Klein’s lawsuit mentioned she was passed over for promotion by less-qualified male agents. The conclusion of the lawsuit documents made the point Klein had a binding oral employment contact and could only be terminated for a good cause, and the agency owes her nearly $2 million under the terms of her contract. Gores’ alleged plan was to fire her and blame coronavirus to avoid scrutiny.

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