REZZ and Grabbitz reveal eerie dystopian ‘Someone Else’ music videoRezz Grabbitz Someone Else Music Video Screen Grab

REZZ and Grabbitz reveal eerie dystopian ‘Someone Else’ music video

A few weeks after the release of their sensational dance-rock collaboration, “Someone Else,” REZZ and Grabbitz have revealed a visual accompaniment to the song.

The music video matches the eerie tone of the song itself, opening with a shot of a woman tied up with cords and cables in a damp, windowless space. As she awakens and begins to free herself, Grabbitz’s distorted image appears on toppled TVs nearby, singing the opening verse. The video progresses, and the woman begins to realize the dystopian, technology-infused world that has become her reality.

A viewer would never been able to tell the video had been shot in the midst of a pandemic, when the artists and teams were unable to all come together on set to work on the music video. According to a press release, REZZ and Grabbitz shot their respective parts of the music video on their iPhones and enlisted the help of their touring teams to make it all come together.

Director Cam McNeill does an exceptional job pulling together the enthralling visual component to “Someone Else,” giving viewers a new way to digest the dynamic collaboration.

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