Squarepusher releases calmative ‘Lamental’ EPSquarepusher Please Credit Donald Milne 0

Squarepusher releases calmative ‘Lamental’ EP

Tom Jenkinson unveils the Lamental EP from his Squarepusher alias, a softer side to his madly percussive Be Up A Hello album. Lamental features the “Detroit People Mover” track from the album, which is the most calming piece on Be Up A Hello next to the hauntingly serene finale, 80 Ondula.

The EP’s “Midi Sans Frontières (Avec Batterie)” single is a rework of Jenkinson’s 2016 track “MIDI Sans Frontières” which saw its composition as a response to the Brexit referendum. This version of the track featured on the new extended play lands as a more melodic remedy without percussion. The Warp Records release offers a soothing allure from the breakbeat IDM album return at a time when relaxation is just what we need during these trying times. Squarepusher’s world tour was rescheduled for later this year, though for now, a handful of new material that Squarepusher has suggested be experienced at loud volumes will have to suffice.

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