Above & Beyond’s Paavo speaks out after battling coronavirusAbove Beyond Photo Credit Amelia Troubridge

Above & Beyond’s Paavo speaks out after battling coronavirus

In March, Above & Beyond’s Paavo Siljamäki alerted fans that he had been diagnosed with COVID-19. Now, nearly two months later, the trance and progressive house mastermind who’s touched hearts with his music worldwide speaks out about contracting and fighting the virus.

In an interview with Billboard, Paavo described his experience with the coronavirus as “just terrifying,” both mentally and physically.

“I know a lot of people who are ill with COVID-19, and a lot of them have to go through this alone” he said. “It’s one thing having someone there to say it’s going to be all right, but when it’s just you in isolation having to deal with it, that was really challenging for me. I felt mentally exhausted from three weeks of batting that fear, but in the end I came out of it, and I feel really fortunate that it wasn’t worse than it was.”

The majority of Paavo’s recovery and quarantine were spent in his home in Finland, what he describes as “the perfect place for recovery.” While he notes that there “isn’t really any real medication” for COVID-19, he also comments on the importance of meditation and yoga in his recovery, stating that “part of meditation and yoga is body awareness and just realizing that there is a lot of pain. Being OK with it was part of the practice.”

Read Paavo’s full interview with Billboard here.

Coincidentally, Above & Beyond’s meditative Flow State just released, inviting listeners to find their happy place alongside Paavo, Jono, and Tony.

Featured image: Amelia Troubridge

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