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Adventure Club, Yuna reunite for ‘Rebellious’

The relationship between producers and vocalists is special. Given that in the current climate of dance music, producers are encouraged to exist as independent entities, when they find a vocalist who not only contributes to, but enhances their artistic intentions, the music that results is reverential.

One such relationship can found between Adventure Club and Yuna. Ever since Adventure Club and Yuna’s intoxicating collaboration, “Gold” as well as a melodic dubstep remix of “Lullabies” at the apex of the EDM years, the alt-soul singer has always made time for the Canadian power dance duo, most recently on the new single “Rebellious.”

On their forthcoming album’s lead single, Adventure Club display their generosity as songwriters, giving Yuna more than half of the recording to deliver her sweet soulful tones. When the beat comes in following the two separate verses it feels like more of an extension of Yuna’s melodic message rather an addition of their own sound.

Featured image: Andrew Freeman

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