Arty releases hard-labored ‘Kingdom’ with Conrad SewellArty Photo Credit Matt Clausen Photography

Arty releases hard-labored ‘Kingdom’ with Conrad Sewell

In 2019, Arty promised he had enough music ready to release to carry him through 2020, and that’s abundantly clear now that the producer is here with a brand new single right after dropping a full EP, From Russia With Love Vol. 1. At the beginning of May, he’s put out a single called “Kingdom” featuring esteemed vocalist Conrad Sewell.

“Kingdom” opens a guitar melody and crossover electronic notes that pave the way for Sewell’s soaring vocals to take over. The cross-genre release enlists euphoric and vintage electronic themes within the drop, giving the song the flexibility to be a perfect radio hit or a club anthem.

In an official release, Arty spoke about his creative process behind the single stating, “I worked on ‘Kingdom’ longer than any other record in my career, by far. I wrote it together with Conrad Sewell and Michael Jade back in 2013. I was amazed by how powerful it felt.”

He went on to detail how he’d worked on eight versions over six years, struggling to “match the euphoric feeling of [Sewell’s] vocals.”

“When I was about to give up, it suddenly struck me and I made an entirely new production overnight. This is why this track will always be so special to me.”

The single is part of a larger collection of releases that comprise the Arty’s fervent return to Armada Music.

Featured image: Matt Clausen Photography

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