Bassnectar offers preview of  first LP since 2016, ‘All Colors’Bassnectar

Bassnectar offers preview of first LP since 2016, ‘All Colors’

Turn the volume dial on the speaker to the sky and press play on All Colors (Preview)—in that order. Bassnectar‘s recent release activity warrants it, however agitated this action might make the neighbors. After announcing the impending arrival of All Colors, his first LP since 2016’s Unlimited, the bass authority is offering listeners a glimpse of the low-end-laden aesthetic that will permeate the lusted after album by sharing two new cuts.

The dual-track All Colors (Preview) sees Rodney P make a cameo on the expectedly aggressive “Nice & Easy.” Moving forward to the second cut enclosed on All Colors (Preview), it’s clear that the descriptor, “new,” is somewhat of a misnomer. “Empathy – Bass Remedy Remix” has been a regular component of Bassnectar’s live format since 2014, and although Bassnectar has unsparingly interwoven the song into his sets for six years, only now is the record enjoying a formal release. Better late than never.

Considering the voracious appetite of Bassnectar’s following for fresh material, All Colors (Preview) can’t be expected to wholly satisfy their hunger for the full-length LP, but for now, it satiates. All Colors will arrive on June 19.

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