Elohim drops off ‘Vacuum’ for EDEN’s compilation LPIMG 0140

Elohim drops off ‘Vacuum’ for EDEN’s compilation LP

The entirety of the New World Tapes is steadily on it’s way. MCMXCV, EDEN‘s label behind the forthcoming compilation album, has been trickling out the LP’s track list with a new song by a new artist every week. Four weeks in, with eight more to go, Elohim has shared her contribution to the record.

Fans of Elohim know she’s an equally skilled producer and vocalist, and both talents are on full display here. “Vacuum stuck to my head, sucking out my vital thoughts, where did I go wrong?” Elohim sings over the dreamy opening. As “Vacuum” continues, the gentle guitar carries but a sharp break beat injects added energy into the track. The end result is an invigorating yet serene experience that shows off Elohim’s potential.

Featured Image: Ryan Castillo

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