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Eric Prydz loads up two-sided single as Cirez D

After bestowing fans with “The Gift” in April, Eric Prydz returns to Mouseville Records this month with a double-sided single from his pseudonym Cirez D. Leading the release is “Valborg,” also known as the highly anticipated Tomorrowland 2019 ID from the Swedish producer’s legendary catalogue of unreleased hitters.

The release comes on the heels of the latest episode of Beats 1 EPIC Radio, where Prydz announced a handful of fresh Pryda and Mouseville releases before previewing the upcoming single’s B-side, “The Raid” (listen around 32:00 for a preview). While “Valborg” might be the more sought after track, and maybe a bit more of a cinematic showstopper, this release come with no filler on this release, with both tunes maintain the intrinsically dark mystique of a Cirez D’s beloved productions.

The release is out on Mouseville Records May 22.

Featured image: OffBrandProject

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