Exclusive: 6am euphonically reworks Tiggi Hawke’s ‘For What It’s Worth’Kc Lights 1

Exclusive: 6am euphonically reworks Tiggi Hawke’s ‘For What It’s Worth’

In November 2019, Tiggi Hawke’s synth-laden single, “For What It’s Worth” added pop-electronic texture to Armada Music‘s arsenal of sound. Pairing vocals from Sondr with a plush arrangement that unfurls at a mid-tempo, the tune touted an easy listening appeal that has caught the eye of 6am, also known as KC Lights among dance circles.

“For What It’s Worth” is not 6am’s first re-imaginative rodeo. Having already released three reworks in 2020 to date, 6am is warmed up and ready to apply his mellifluous touch to Hawke’s original. Whereas Tiggi Hawke charts a pop-electronic course, 6am sets off in a more house-centric direction, punctuating the opening of the cut with ebbing synths.

The progressive house lean and warm chord progressions of 6am’s revision confer an emotive character to “For What It’s Worth” that, in differing from Hawke’s upbeat animation, create a sentient listening experience that is all 6am’s own. 6am’s remix of “For What It’s Worth” will arrive via Armada Music on May 8.

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