Exclusive: longstoryshort’s auspicious bass house outing, ‘LOST MY FAITH’DSC2842

Exclusive: longstoryshort’s auspicious bass house outing, ‘LOST MY FAITH’

There is no rest in between releases for longstoryshort, the rising bass house force who hails from New York and tirelessly derives sonic inspiration from his metropolitan surroundings. Not one to lift his foot from the gas, longstoryshort follows his March EP, Chapter 1 (WARFARE), with “LOST MY FAITH.”

The low-end delving effort sources its caliginous vocal from Ben Cina, whose haunting vocal contribution slices through the silence to envelop streamers as “LOST MY FAITH” mounts. The build is tantalizing, spine tingling. Those initiated with longstoryshort’s catalog anticipate the bass-aided arch that will imminently punctuate the arrangement. It crisply rises, collapsing into a breakdown that is defined by its work with sharp, jagged musical textures. longstoryshort’s latest balanced bass house hybrid has arrived and is poised to mercilessly ensnare listeners.

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