Mad Zoo and Anjunabeats to host May 27 Minecraft partyMat Zo Live Photo Credit @ndkimages

Mad Zoo and Anjunabeats to host May 27 Minecraft party

The worldwide pandemic has led many creatives to devise innovative ways to interact with their fans and fellow artists. Social media timelines are full of livestream announcements in lieu of photos and coverage from in-person festivals, and some producers have even taken to gaming platforms like Fortnite and Minecraft to host interactive events.

Mad Zoo and Anjunabeats have partnered up to put on one such event, hosted within Minecraft on May 27. Rather than billing it as a livestream, Mad Zoo head honcho Mat Zo tells DA that the event will be more of an actual party than a livestream.

“It will be streamed, but the main point of it is the interactive communal element,” he says. “We’re selling tickets so we can pay artists, and also know how many people to prepare for so everyone who wants to be a part of it won’t have any issues. There’s tons of fun stuff to do and find within the event.”

Ticketholders will enjoy music from Mad Zoo and Anjuna staples like Mat Zo, Luttrell, Swardy, Groke, Rohaan, Inverted Silence, and Counsel Pop, along with an array of visuals, theatrics, shops, building opportunities with friends—with Easter eggs scattered throughout.

“I’m hoping to create a space where digital events are a viable business and both help soften the blow COVID-19 has done to the music industry, and do something cool enough that it will still be viable after the pandemic is over,” Mat Zo told DA.

The event begins at 12 p.m. PST on May 27, and tickets start at $5. Learn how to join and buy tickets here.

Featured image: Nicole De Khors

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