Spotify eliminates 10,000 song limit on listeners’ librariesSpotify

Spotify eliminates 10,000 song limit on listeners’ libraries

Spotify has done away with its infamous 10,000 song limitation on listeners’ libraries… at long last. The 10,000 maximum on the service’s “Your Music” collection long been bemoaned by Spotify subscribers, and as the platform lifts its cap, streamers are now free to add as much music as they would like to their personal libraries from Spotify’s catalog, which canvasses more than 50 million songs.

Notably, this new liberty only applies to the songs that users save to their respective Spotify libraries and does not extend to downloads for offline listening, which remain restricted to 10,000 tracks across five different devices. The 10,000 ceiling is also still in place for subscribers’ individual playlists.

Happy listening, streamers.

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