Tel Aviv throws caution to the wind with 3,000-person outdoor concertTelaviv

Tel Aviv throws caution to the wind with 3,000-person outdoor concert

As government officials and health professionals await a flattening of the curve, the Israeli music industry is just about at wit’s end. Case in point is “Behind the Scenes: an Assembly of Solidarity,” an unofficial concert in Tel Aviv that realized the police can’t shut the event down if it’s being billed as a protest.

Under the guise of a public protest, the concert attracted over 3,000 attendees and over a dozen regional acts. Further, there was an appearance by the Tel Aviv’s very own mayor, who also cried out against the national government’s regulations. Mayor Ron Huldai was quoted as saying,

“This is the cry of an entire industry that needs answering. The responsibility lies first and foremost with the Israeli government and I’m appealing from here — Don’t forget the culture!”

Although the event agreed to common social distancing rules, reports of the concert say they were quickly abandoned once the show was underway. Unfortunately, Tel Aviv won’t know the risks of said event for the next few weeks.

The event seemed to light a fire under the rest of the local music industry, sparking Shaul Mizrachi, owner of Tel Aviv’s Barby club to comment that
“Despite the attempts of scaremongering with the imaginary virus the public is voting with its feet. On the 18th of the month we’re opening, period.” As different regions attempt different ways to bring live events back, the best course of action is still to heed the advice of your local health agency.

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