The Funk Hunters and CMC Silenta release ‘Tribute’ music video6. The Funk Hunters Credit Rob Campbell

The Funk Hunters and CMC Silenta release ‘Tribute’ music video

In their latest endeavor, The Funk Hunters and CMC Silenta have polished up their illustrative music video for their latest collaborative single, “Tribute.”

The groups joined together to employ a trifecta of their respective sounds, converging the paths between bluesy-rock and electronic music. The single was conceptualized six years ago between the two groups and TFN’s Vancouver-based friend, Steve Beddall, who eventually wrote the lyrics for the piece. Among all, “Tribute” intends to evoke a feeling of pushing through one’s challenges and a promoting a positive wellbeing throughout the process.

The music video for “Tribute” depicts a colorful, celestial journey that transcends beyond human life. Markings of human life are evident through figures of pyramids, mountainous ranges, and short video clips of The Funk Hunters own expeditions, all in an astronomical setting.

Featured image: Rob Campbell

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