Watch Kaskade rock a radiant set atop the Grand CanyonEYF0PLWsAA8zMC

Watch Kaskade rock a radiant set atop the Grand Canyon

Kaskade is the first-ever DJ to perform on the Grand Canyon Skywalk, performing for nearly to a 2 and a half hours Thursday. With stellar camera angles of the geological masterpiece alongside soothing melodies from the sanguine house master himself, the union was an ideal capture of the social distancing era.

The Skywalk is a glass, horseshoe-shaped bridge that extends 70 feet over the Grand Canyon, strong enough to hold 70 747 airplanes. For those squeamish of heights and anxious for their favorite DJ, don’t worry, the National Park Service has you covered.

In a partnership with the Be App streaming platform and a little old entity known as Coca Cola, Kaskade was the premier act in Coke Studio‚Äôs 60 days of music. The Be App will continue the series, streaming over 100 events in support of the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Campaign with options for fans to donate to COVID-19 relief efforts. The “On Your Mind” architect certainly set a lofty benchmark for the series. How high? Grand Canyon-like, some might say.

Featured image: Mark Owens Photo

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