Above & Beyond release sought-after Zoë Johnston feature, ‘Reverie’Above Beyond

Above & Beyond release sought-after Zoë Johnston feature, ‘Reverie’

With a poignant tug on streamers’ heart strings, Above & Beyond turn their faces to the electronic release ring and stride through it with a production that listeners have lusted for since the then-ID debuted at Group Therapy 350 in Prague in 2019: “Reverie.” Arpeggiating synths, glittering chords laden with emotion, and the crystalline vocals of Above & Beyond’s serial collaborator, Zoë Johnston, imbue “Reverie” with feeling.

Melodies rush on the mellow trance outing, which arrives in tandem with an extended club mix, which manifests as an added bonus for those who have not-so-patiently waited for this production to grace digital streaming platforms. It’s here and carries Above & Beyond’s patented celestial touch, providing some sonic optimism at a time when it is perhaps needed the most.

Featured image: Drew Ressler

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