Galantis, Ship Wrek, and Pink Sweat$ deliver quirky ‘Only A Fool’Galantis Credit Rukes

Galantis, Ship Wrek, and Pink Sweat$ deliver quirky ‘Only A Fool’

Swedish production duo Galantis have stayed busy during quarantine after releasing three new singles in the last month alone. The most recent of those singles is a new collaboration with LA-based Ship Wrek titled “Only A Fool” with vocals by Pink Sweat$.

“Only A Fool” opens with dancing piano notes and vocals by Pink Sweat$, who immediately captivates the listener with his smooth singing. “Only A Fool” is a pop single to its core, and its cheery melody is an uplifting tune that allows Pink Sweat$ to shine while interlacing small moments of surprising production elements in the backdrop that ultimately adds an interesting flair to the song.

“Only A Fool” marks the third new release from Galantis over the last month, following their introspective collaborative single “The Lake” with Wrabel and their soundtrack contribution to SCOOB! The Album, “I Fly” featuring Faouzia.

“Only A Fool” is out now via Big Beat Records.

Featured image: Rukes

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