Gorillaz continue Song Machine series with fourth installment, ‘Friday 13th’Gorillaz Song Machine 2

Gorillaz continue Song Machine series with fourth installment, ‘Friday 13th’

Iconic animated band Gorillaz is back with the fourth installment of their Song Machine series: a collaboration with London-based rapper Octavian titled “Friday 13th.”

Gorillaz kicked off the Song Machine series in January with “Song Machine Theme Tune,” which was quickly followed by “Momentary Bliss,” an exceptional collaboration with slowthai and Slaves.

The band has also been steadily releasing clips of the band members talking behind the scenes in the form of “Machine Bitez.” Episode eight of “Machine Bitez” accompanies the release of “Friday 13th” and offers a lighthearted look at the band discussing the connotation of the number 13, as well as the origins of Octavian’s name.

“Friday 13th” is a welcome addition to the Gorillaz discography. Powerful vocals from Octavian describe a white powder-induced confusion, singing, “I call my dealer, said, ‘Share the white with all of us’/ I told him, ‘We’ve been so nice, don’t turn on us’/ It’s funny how time flies by so fast?”

The song’s visual takes listeners down a sort of psychedelic highway, with the face of Octavian overseeing all. Watch the video and stream the full song below.

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