Jon Hopkins institutes organized chaos in remix of ‘The Difference’Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins institutes organized chaos in remix of ‘The Difference’

Fans can never anticipate what electronic composer and producer, Jon Hopkins, will come out with next. Earlier this year, he shared a gorgeous piano ballad, “Scene Suspended,” and then followed it with a 21 minute meditation record in hopes of providing solace for fans during quarantine. Now, Hopkins puts forth the first official remix of Flume and Toro y Moi‘s “The Difference,” which succeeds Flume and Toro’s extended version of the track, released in April.

Opening with a ringing synth atop ambient noises, Hopkins’ spin quickly ramps up the energy, filtering the original vocal and drum ‘n’ bass percussion to create a soundscape that fits together elegantly but with a raw, chaotic feel. The English musician’s production is deliberate, yet the various elements feel as if they are flowing through the sonic landscape in an unorganized fashion, in a credit to Hopkin’s control of sound progression and his prowess in the experimental electronic music space. Fans can only hope that other remixes of “The Difference” will follow Hopkins’ strong start.

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