Kareen Lomax slid in Diplo’s DMs to nab feature on his latest, ‘Looking For Me’Diplo

Kareen Lomax slid in Diplo’s DMs to nab feature on his latest, ‘Looking For Me’

Diplo has been a busy man during quarantine, but between the release of his debut country album under his Thomas Wesley alias, a recently announced Fortnite concert, and active support of ongoing, nationwide Black Lives Matter efforts, he still had time to check his DMs. As many will say, it’s quite fortunate that he did, considering that a serendipitous DM slide has influenced his latest offering on Higher Ground, “Looking For Me.”

Diplo delineated the story behind the Kareen Lomax feature in a recent Instagram post, in which the dynamic producer shared Lomax’s hail mary message request.

The DM, which was likely one of the thousands that Diplo receives on a regular basis, has paid off, resulting in a groovy, piano-led jam produced alongside Paul Woolford that features Lomax’s vocals. Woolford initially teased the release on Instagram in January 2020, stating that he and Diplo were working on “a monster record.” With its melodic chords, uplifting bass line and Lomax’s enticing vocal chops, the track exudes dance energy reminiscent of the ’90s.

The collaboration follows Diplo’s recent big screen debut in The High Note and the announcement that he will soon feature in the Celebrity Show-Off TV series.

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