MYRNE – Forbidden LoversPress Pic MYRNE

MYRNE – Forbidden Lovers

The Singapore-based MYRNE’s latest track “Forbidden Lovers” is an ode to the myriad circumstances that keep people apart. How apropos. The producer and crooner crafts a cinematic and emotive sonic landscape that opens a lush instrumental and the sounds of birds chirping. It’s as if you’ve just woken up somewhere peaceful in springtime, but the lyrics quickly reveal that something is missing from the equation. The up-and-coming artist wrote the song while on tour in the United States and away from his partner for long stretches. The song is a reflection of his time spent alone. A soothing melancholy drives “Forbidden Lovers” while MYRNE wishfully longs for the connection he once had. 

The first single from MYRNE’s upcoming EP on Ultra Records, “Forbidden Lovers” is out now.