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City of Oakland reaches settlement in Ghost Ship case

The City of Oakland has agreed to pay a total of $32.7 million dollars to those impacted by the tragic 2016 Ghost Ship warehouse fire. Of the settlement money, $23.5 million will be paid to the families of the 32 victims who lost their lives, and the remaining $9.2 million will go to Sam Maxwell, a survivor of the warehouse fire who escaped the burning building, but suffered permanent injuries.

In December of 2016, a fire broke out during a warehouse party at the makeshift venue in the Fruitvale neighborhood of Oakland, California. Although it later came to light that authorities were aware of the unsafe conditions in the venue prior to the tragedy, city officials ultimately failed to take action that could have prevented the blaze.

Given the large amount of money that is to be paid in restitution, it may seem like justice has at last been served, but lawyer Paul Matiasic, who represented five of the families in the civil lawsuit, said the damage done is ultimately irreparable. Matiasic stated,

“The amount doesn’t come close to approximating the loss of loved ones for my clients. The money is insignificant. No amount of money can bring their loved ones back.”

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