Deadmau5 enters the void with The Neptunes in ‘Pomegranate’ music videoEa07mpgAM7StG

Deadmau5 enters the void with The Neptunes in ‘Pomegranate’ music video

Deadmau5 invites director and frequent collaborator Nick DenBoer to the “Pomegranate” party, dishing up a music video that’s equal parts ambitious and aesthetically delectable.

Garnished with vocals by Pharrell of The Neptunes, “Pomegranate” shines not only for its vibrance, but because of its ability to effortlessly bring together influences from across the spectrum. It’s all there, from funk to 8-bit, and done with the finesse that fans would expect from this pairing.

The same can be said for “Pomegranate’s” music video, which pushes the boundaries of visual design even for a deadmau5 release. With a colorful and beautifully rendered cast of characters, DenBoer’s latest creation takes listeners on a cruise from the seaside to the outer edges of the galaxy.”

“Pomegranate” premiered today on Viacom‘s Time Square Billboard in NYC, becoming available digitally shortly after. Watch the new music video below.

Featured image: Leah Sems


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