Deborah De Luca remixes Daft Punk’s enduring classic, ‘Technologic’ [Stream]Thomas Bangalter Guy Manuel De Homem Christo Daft Punk 2013

Deborah De Luca remixes Daft Punk’s enduring classic, ‘Technologic’ [Stream]

Daft Punk‘s relevance in dance music will never expire.

The Robots have once again come to the forefront, this time with the help of a remix by Deborah De Luca. The Italian techno diva has put her own unique spin on the 2005 classic, “Technologic.”

Over the years, Daft Punk has delivered a slew of notable hooks that can be found all along the evolution of dance music, but the deliberate, instructions found in “Technologic” might just be the most common. The amount of different synthetic backdrops the French electronic visionaries have been placed against is almost innumerable at this point.

The backdrop that De Luca crafted, however, is one of throbbing, floor-ready quality. She took a pillar of the early aughts’ bloghaus sound and stripped it back into a progressive techno hitter. Listen to Deborah De Luca’s rendition of “Technologic” below.

Featured image: Matt Sayles, Invision/AP Images

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