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Governor Cuomo launches investigation into The Chainsmokers’ Southampton drive-in concert

Although The Chainsmokers have disappeared from social media to limit distractions from their next full-length album, the duo popped back up for a scheduled drive-in fundraiser in the Hamptons on July 25. After a video from the concert began to circulate, showing a crowd of masked attendees closely clustered, watching the concert from outside of their cars, and generally not adhering to social distancing practices, it quickly grabbed the attention of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Characterizing the behaviors captured in the clip, which now has close to 8 million Twitter views, as “egregious social distancing violations,” on July 27, Cuomo announced that the Department of Health would be launching an investigation into how the philanthropic event’s organizers and law enforcement allowed the situation to happen.

In a conversation with local reporters on July 28, Cuomo also reportedly cautioned that any violations of public health law could end in civil fines as well as potential criminal charges. In a public press briefing this week, Cuomo further addressed the situation, stating,

“The concert that happened in the town of Southampton was just a gross violation of not only the public health rules, [but also] common sense. There have also been reports that we have been receiving about behavior in the village of Southampton that has been ongoing and recurring that also violates the public health regulations. So, that (investigation) is ongoing and that is being handled by the Department of Health, violations [of] public health law have civil fines and a potential for criminal liability, so we’re taking that very seriously.”

Headlined by The Chainsmokers, “Safe & Sound” was a charity drive-in concert organized to benefit No Kid Hungry and the Children’s Medical Fund of New York. The philanthropic event opened with a set from none other than Goldman Sachs CEO, David Solomon, before The Chainsmokers took the stage.

According to a website promoting the fundraiser, the 2,000-plus Safe & Sound attendees were encouraged, but not mandated, to wear masks when going to the restroom. They were reportedly all instructed to follow social distancing guidelines.

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