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Lollapalooza co-founder: live music events won’t return until 2022

The question on every fan’s mind right now: when will I be able to attend concerts, festivals, and other types of live music events without restrictions? Lollapalooza co-founder, Marc Geiger, believes that date is much further off in the future than most expect.

In a recent appearance on The Bob Lefsetz PodcastGeiger stated that he doesn’t believe that concerts will resume until 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic. Geiger explained his stance, saying, 

“Whether it’s testing or the government, it’s too infinite of a well to go down. But in my humble opinion, it’s going to be 2022. It’s going to take that long before what I call the ‘germaphobia economy’ is slowly killed off and replaced by the ‘claustrophobia economy,’ which is where everybody wants to go out and go out to dinner and have their lives, go to festivals and shows.”

Geiger maintained that large “super-spreader” events such as shows, festivals, and sporting events will continue to be subject to a “very long, forced timeout,” until there is a means of effectively controlling the novel respiratory virus.

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