Manchester to hold ‘Rave in a Box’ event series throughout AugustDJing

Manchester to hold ‘Rave in a Box’ event series throughout August

As COVID-19 persists globally, creative live music solutions continue to evolve. First there were livestreams, then came drive-in raves. Now, residents of England will have the opportunity to attend a “Rave in a Box.”

English promoters La Discothèque, the brains behind the new live music experience, recently announced their August Puffin Box event series. Hosted in a spacious basement, groups of up to eight people from the same quarantine network will be allowed entry and granted access to a private party box. The socially-distanced boxes are disinfected between each 90-minute session, and even offer prepaid drink packages. Event co-founder, Kat Warbuton, spoke about the exciting new experience, stating,

“While we can’t go to stereotypical raves in the city, we have to adapt, so here we have a rave in a box. Manchester’s a buzzing city and everyone’s desperate to get back out but still stay safe, so this is exactly what we’re offering-ace music, exciting entertainment, decent drinks packages, a space for people to enjoy a mini-clubbing experience with friends in a safe and controlled environment.”

Visit Puffin Box’s official site for more information and check out the monthly lineup in its entirety below.

Manchester to hold ‘Rave in a Box’ event series throughout AugustPuffin Bo Lineup

Featured image: Marquee Show

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