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Play it: Zedd, DoodleChaos create interactive Minecraft game

Zedd‘s gamer status considered, his newest collaboration might be his most natural one yet. The producer has partnered with YouTube creator, DoodleChaos, to craft a music-driven, Beat Saber-esque Minecraft game that challenges players to clear levels without missing a beat of the song playing. To test their beat-matching skills, players actively listen to the track as it plays, which syncs with their movements. It’s dance diversion that requires a little dexterity. Game on.

Gamers can get a sense of how the newly-minted Minecraft addition will work in the “Minecraft Music Video” for “Funny,” Zedd’s first single of 2020. The visual, crafted by DoodleChaos, is a sonic simulation of the game that anyone can try. Download the world and resource pack for Minecraft here.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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