Scuba welcomes refreshing  summer sound with new EP, ‘Forgive Me’Scuba Forgive Me Dancing Astronaut

Scuba welcomes refreshing summer sound with new EP, ‘Forgive Me’

Scuba dives into into the deep end, producing one of the summer’s most infectious and upbeat jams with his new lead single, “Forgive Me.”┬áThe latest release, Scuba’s third of the year, continues the rapid and colorful expansion of the British producer’s sound, utilizing airy shoreline sensations and a throbbing house beat for a retro-soaked dance floor diamond.

The string of 2020 releases, titled Forgive Me, This Is For You, and Never Forget, highlight a sidestep in sound for Scuba, who largely known for helping the UK bass and techno scene realize its full potential in the 2010s. “Forgive Me,” for instance, introduces sparkling arpeggios, a dramatic guitar breakdown, and vocal stabs that don’t fall far from Otto Knows‘ infamous “Million Voices,” all of which are likely to sound like sacrilege to particular purists of the scene. The truth is, however, it’s always refreshing to see a musician not only expand his or her sound, but flex their musical interests beyond what’s come to be expected of them, and Forgive Me does exactly that.

Forgive Me is out now on Hotflush Recordings, with a harder hitting techno B-side titled “Speed This MF Up.” Listen to the release in its entirety below.

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