So Dope takes on Rynx’s ‘Hold On’ in standout reworkSo Dope

So Dope takes on Rynx’s ‘Hold On’ in standout rework

With his remix of Rynx’s “Hold On,” So Dope¬†goes for a trifecta of 2020 singles, logging his third release of the calendar year while stylistically pivoting to a more chilled-out style of sound. In 2019, So Dope cemented his identity as a high-octane force to be reckoned with.

Releases such as “come for me” and “Catch Me Now” solidified that the New York native’s sound was of a heavy-handed bass nature, with plenty of low end engagement and rushing BPMs. The drilling vigor of So Dope’s productions have earned him credit in bass-embracing electronic circles, and while he continues to lay claim to this prowess, he’s not about to get repetitive, as his spin on “Hold On” evinces.

The rework sees So Dope take a more laidback approach to electronic production, and although this format is somewhat anomalous in his broader catalog, he fluidly navigates this alternative route, such that it sounds second nature to So Dope. The viscous, downtempo arrangement of “Hold On” is a dreamy contrast to So Dope’s bass-wielding outputs, and as to be expected, So Dope deftly makes the original his own. So Dope’s synth-laden revision plays with sharp textures at the breaks, where his production imprint is especially audible. Mark it down as another standout showing from So Dope.

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