Sure-fire ensnarement: Snyder’s house heater, ‘Your Love’Snyder

Sure-fire ensnarement: Snyder’s house heater, ‘Your Love’

A steady stream of singles pave the sonic path to Snyder‘s debut LP. Due later this year, the longform offering will treat Synder’s following to a fuller portrait of his style and identity as an artist. Yet, listeners have already learned much about the Chicago-born dance dynamist from his recent releases, which, cumulatively, have demonstrated the premium that Snyder places on versatility.

His latest, “Your Love,” is situated in territory both familiar and warm to Snyder: house music. Although Snyder has a clear affinity for house sound and, more specifically, enmeshing elements of house with pop, resulting in dance-pop crossovers with commercial allure, he continues to canvass the electronic continuum, flirting with hip-hop hybridization and bass.

The chameleonic nature of his approach confers an undying freshness that’s audible on “Your Love.” A beat-driven, mid-tempo treasure that enlists the pop-leaning vocal services of Northside Rocky, the single is an enticing taste of what awaits on Snyder’s forthcoming LP.

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