Tchami debuts ‘Confessions’ interview series, teases new collaboration with ZHUTchami Rukes E1594224787924

Tchami debuts ‘Confessions’ interview series, teases new collaboration with ZHU

When he’s behind the decks, Tchami doesn’t talk much, but with the launch of his new interview series, Confessions, fans will get to hear him speak. The series, which kicked off on June 26, features French rapper, Vald, as the inaugural guest.

The French deep house luminary keeps up his quintessential priestly persona in Confessions with a sparse but well-lit backdrop reminiscent of a cloudy celestial sky. In a style very unlike the typical news interview, Tchami pries into Vald’s psyche with deep questions that not only illuminate the inner mind of the rapper, but also inspire the viewer to think, too.

During the interview’s conclusion, Tchami and Vald discuss time-honored outputs from classical composers like Franz Schubert and Maurice Ravel. In an extension of this thought provoking exchange, Tchami poses the million-dollar question: “Do you think our music will be able to stir emotion in more than 300 years?” It’s hard to speak that far into the future, but at present, the answer is resoundingly positive.

An added bonus to the first-ever installment of the new interview series is Confessions‘ sonic introduction. Confessions opens with an ethereal, almost otherworldly production that teases a new collaboration between Tchami and ZHU. Needless to say, Tchami has got viewers’ attention.

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