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Tiësto keeps melodic house alive with debut single as VER:WEST

Just days after Tiësto unveiled his new alias, VER:WEST, the producer has returned to put out his first single under the moniker, “5 Seconds Before Sunrise.” Tiësto, known offstage as Tijs Verwest, is set to deliver his inaugural performance as VER:WEST during Tomorrowland’s digital festival, Tomorrowland Around the World.

“5 Seconds Before Sunrise” sees VER:WEST circle back to the early foundations of his In Search of Sunrise sound, drawing upon melodic house melodies that could easily find a home at a beach bar overlooking clear blue oceans. The single instills a sense of calm from the first note, and its uplifting chords have the ability to truly transport the listener to the sunrise, with the builds in the song signifying a blooming day. Towards the end of the release, vintage notes strengthen the melody, instilling a final touch of energy and euphoria before the song’s conclusion.

The producer spoke about this new sound and his forthcoming show as VER:WEST in an official release, stating,

“I would describe VER:WEST as melodic house music. It’s a lot deeper and more chill and a very different energy than Tiësto. I got this opportunity from Tomorrowland to express a different side of me, which I’ve never done before. I know they are going to put amazing visuals around it and make it look really different and cool. Expect the unexpected, it’s going to look amazing!” 

Featured image: Rukes

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