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Tune in: Burning Man’s environmental sustainability conference

Burning Man coordinators faced many obstacles when planning of the 2020 festival. From rescheduled event dates to lawsuits involving the federal government, a variety of challenges have been presented to organizers, and the year rather unkind to the long-running desert favorite. Fortunately, brighter days are ahead.

Earlier this year, Burning Man Project, the non-profit organization behind the festival, launched a virtual events platform by the name of Kindling. On July 17, Burning Man organizers will use Kindling to discuss the festival’s 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap. The livestreamed event will see various members of Burning Man’s staff and community come together to examine the long-term plan, which is part of Burning Man’s initiative to develop, “an open-source approach to become carbon negative, sustainably manage waste, and be ecologically regenerative by 2030.”

The event, titled “Ecosystem Activation: Year One Report – Sustainability Roadmap,” will be broadcast live from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. More details and information on how to virtually attend the meeting are available here.

Featured image: Bob Wick BLM California Flickr

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