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Tune in: Tropix Like It’s Hot virtual festival

In recent months, electronic listeners have had no shortage of virtual festivals to stream. As many in-person events continue to transition to a digital format amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, dance aficionados continue to find a series of live-streamed festivals at their fingertips, and among them is Tropix Like It’s Hot.

Coordinators of Tropix Like It’s Hot include Dylan Christie, known to the sonically initiated as Tropix and Alex Corson. The event, which will be streamed live via Twitch from July 24 – 26, will notably include performances from a specially-curated selection of electronic acts, including headliners, Autograf, Firebeats, and Young Bombs. Other artists to receive the Tropix Like It’s Hot tap include Chris Varvaro, TELYKast, Who’s Calling, WAVES, and more.

Tropix Like It’s Hot has partnered with The Makin’ Lemonade Fund, a “virtual lemonade stand” organized by a collective of millennial and Generation Z college students and recent graduates to provide COVID-19 relief. Donations collected by The Makin’ Lemonade Fund specifically benefit Feeding America, the CDC Foundation, and Direct Relief. Tropix Like It’s Hot viewers will have the opportunity to contribute to the charity during the livestream. All proceeds from the festival will go directly to The Makin’ Lemonade Fund.

Organizers of the event have reportedly also teamed up with more than 100 college students in their efforts to launch Tropix Like It’s Hot, a concept festival geared towards this audience. In their hopes to provide guidance for students aspiring to break into the music industry, Tropix Like It’s Hot coordinators have organized interviews with a variety of different individuals who work within the industry, such as Two Friends. The interviews, which will air between live sets, will provide perspective on different facets of the music industry.

Speaking on the aim of Tropix Like It’s Hot, Christie said,

“We wanted to create a music festival that was unique and different compared [with] many that we have seen in recent months. Our goal was to target a new demographic who have yet to be introduced to the virtual music festival scene, while focusing on college communities and engaging them during these challenging times.

We want to inspire students who want to enter the music industry by including industry speaker interviews and content in between sets. [In doing so,] our festival has the ability to be more than a one-time experience for our viewers.

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