Bob Moses, ZHU debut new single, ‘Desire,’ with interactive videoZHU 1

Bob Moses, ZHU debut new single, ‘Desire,’ with interactive video

When Bob Moses and ZHU merge electronic sensibilities, the result is sultry, intoxicating: “Desire.” In the hypnotically-crafted co-project, Bob Moses take the vocal reigns. It’s a deviation from ZHU’s standard course of action, which typically sees ZHU’s sung contributions occupy the sonic centerstage, yet it works, so much so that by the track’s end, listeners may not even notice that the vocal ornament does not carry ZHU’s touch. Dark, velvety synths ripple throughout the affair; low end tautly punctuates.

“Desire” is the lead single from Bob Moses’ next studio effort, Desire, due August 28. The collaboration is accompanied by two visuals: a traditional music video, which can be streamed below, and an interactive visual, directed by CTRL5’s Owen Brown, accessible here. The virtual festivities don’t stop there. Bob Moses and ZHU will deliver a BLACKLIZT Factory 93 back-to-back set on July 17. The joint appearance will be streamed live via Insomniac TV at 7 p.m. EST.

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