Afrojack and Chico Rose continue collaborative streak with ‘Speechless’Afrojack

Afrojack and Chico Rose continue collaborative streak with ‘Speechless’

On “Speechless,” Afrojack once again finds himself alongside rising producer Chico Rose, and newly in the company of featured vocalist, Azteck. The feel good house number follows a string of recent Afrojack and Rose collaborations, such as June’s Jeremih-assisted “Cloud 9,” March’s joint remix of Georgia Ku‘s “Ever Really Know,” and earlier, their first-ever cooperative, August 2019’s “Sad.” With nearly one-year in between their inaugural collaboration and latest release, it’s clear that Afrojack and Rose have mastered the creative process as they add “Speechless” to their formidable roster of co-produced projects.

As with past outputs from the production pair, “Speechless” will easily find a home on the radio or within a live set, thanks to its energy and infectious rhythm. Observant Loud Luxury fans are sure to notice a similarity in style between “Speechless” and the Canadian duo’s music, thanks to the house notes and vocal riffs that largely define “Speechless,” out now via Afrojack’s Wall Recordings.

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