Arty and Audien make second progressive house round on ‘Craving’20160317 Arty Audien 39 20160318 E1596815281276

Arty and Audien make second progressive house round on ‘Craving’

For anyone searching for a crash course on why progressive house is as beloved as it is, Arty and Audien are two go-to candidates. At long last toward the end of 2018, they finally put their clean-cut tactics to the test on “Never Letting Go,” and its successor is being uncovered as the 2020 summer season winds down. Acting as Audien’s musical introduction to the decade and adding to Arty’s immeasurable release streak, “Craving” with Ellee Duke officially arrives as the duo’s follow-up collaboration to their 2018 debut.

“Craving” is about as close to an even-keeled split of the producers’ perennial talents as physically possible, as Arty and Audien conclusively follow through on all desires for another go-around. With Duke’s rewarding verses and a progressive lead to draw heavy flashbacks of the genre’s glory years, “Craving” is a full-fledged showpiece that tacks onto the duo’s deep track records of respective classics.

Featured image: Andrew Noh

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