Ben Böhmer previews forthcoming ‘Phases’ EP with ‘Zeit & Raum’Ben Bohmer

Ben Böhmer previews forthcoming ‘Phases’ EP with ‘Zeit & Raum’

Anjunadeep authority Ben Böhmer asserts his synth wizardry and dark melodic mystique on “Zeit & Raum,” a fire-stoking addition to what is already shaping up to be a productive year for the German technician. Biting at the heels of not one but two albums to gain 2020 clearance, Breathing (Remixed) and Live from Printworks London, “Zeit & Raum” is a sleek, crepuscular underground contribution that extends Böhmer’s log of this decade’s one-offs—but it won’t be a one-off for long.

“Zeit & Raum” is a derivative of Böhmer’s forthcoming EP, Phases, due August 26 via Anjunadeep. The three-cut collection, slated to be unabashedly club-poised, will be Böhmer’s ode to a more regular time in electronic music. Böhmer’s explained the conceptual aim of Phases, commenting,

“With the lockdowns and club closures still in effect across the world, the Phases EP is a kind of weird reminder of a lost world, of what once was. I made the music to sound great in big clubs to a big crowd late at night. In fact, I debuted two of the tracks in my Printworks set last year. Now that’s all gone, and that time seems a world away.”

Featured image: Erik Weiss

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