Big Night Entertainment Group launches Big Night TalentDJ

Big Night Entertainment Group launches Big Night Talent

Navigating the many facets of the ever evolving music industry can be a challenge for up-and-coming artists seeking to carve their respective niches—a challenge that just got a little bit easier thanks to Big Night Entertainment Group. One of the nation’s preeminent entertainment and hospitality entities, Big Night Entertainment Group, founded in 2006, seeks to simplify the process of growing accustomed to the multi-layered music industry with the launch of Big Night Talent, a first-of-its-kind endeavor aimed at equipping artists with the tools that they need to succeed. 

Specifically, Big Night Talent has been developed to aid emerging and established acts alike create and sustain lasting, meaningful careers. The legacy-building model affords Big Night Talent artists management and booking services, globally recognized creative capabilities, a media and digital content platform, a career development program, and access to a collection of leading entertainment venues. Cumulatively, these offerings supply Big Night Talent’s roster with the resources they need to translate their sonic concepts into full-fledged, career-advancing outputs. 

Equally important are the organizing principles of Big Night Talent’s model. Cornerstones include social good, a creative commission structure, sponsorship and branding, and mental health. These focuses emblematize the premium that Big Night Talent places on well-rounded, balanced professional priorities that enable the model’s talent to achieve both musically and personally. 

Speaking on the launch, Managing Partner of Big Night Talent Tim Bonito said,

“Big Night Talent is a unique organization that combines a legacy-building culture for artists with the incredible infrastructure of nightlife industry leader Big Night Entertainment Group. I could not be more excited to launch this company…to help grow artists’ careers and blaze a path for what we believe an artist management company should look like.”

More information on Big Night Talent, including a full menu of professional services, can be found at the venture’s official website.

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